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On average, only 28% of the words are read on a page. Readers tend to scan keywords and fish out phrases that grab their attention. Copies that rigorously prioritize information with clear headings and concise paragraphs written in purposeful, engaging manner, are the ones that get read, while copies written like a story also sustains focus longer.

Beginning our devoted journey as a copywriting agency 15 years ago, Straight has always been a faithful storyteller and a word economy  practitioner. We help our clients create copies with critically selected words that not only advocate their insights, but reflect their persona and motivate their audience.

From a hotel name, a finance event slogan, a startup pitch deck, a property launch brochure, the entire insurance sales funnel, chairman speeches, annual reports, to blogs, newsletters and long-form thought leadership, Straight has produced high-standard copywriting works that have consistently impressed our customers and drawn returning patronage from multiple industries spanning finance, banking, tech,  insurance, real estate, education, heath and NGOs and more.

Beyond our rich experience in copywriting, our exceptional bilingual ability is the other asset that sets us apart. To get a taste of it, simply click here to see this page in Chinese or visit our transcreation portfolio (link to translation URL). In addition, Straight is a full-service agency. This means we can help flow your striking copy into your company’s design templates, or create new ones from scratch, for any brochure, web design or social media projects. Visit Straight’s homepage here to check our full suite of services.

I was particularly impressed by the firm’s ability to seamlessly deliver anything from expert pieces on topics like private equity and factor-based investing to creative assets like banner ads for Bloomberg’s charitable events. I command both their professionalism and versatility and am pleased to recommend their services.

J. Wong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, International Marketing, Bloomberg LP


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