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From launching products on Facebook, tweeting explainer videos on WeChat, to posting thought leadership pieces on Linked-In, businesses have dramatically increased their presence on social media everywhere – in HK and in China. As the amount of content explodes across social media channels, it’s getting hard to be heard.

To cut through this digital cacophony, let Straight do the thinking on your behalf. We would begin by setting clear objectives – are you using social media to build traffic, increase brand awareness or attract leads for customers or investors? – before performing social audits to help you understand current performance and future opportunities. Then we scour your data to identify the right platform to be on, the right campaigns to use, and the right personas for microtargeting.

Integrating your voice, messaging and branding, our team of designers, copywriters, motion graphic specialists and videographers develop ideas, big and small, to craft a precise, actionable and measurable strategy. Next, we produce and develop the content – and test them – while guaranteeing fast turnaround across all your social media assets, whether they are graphics, copies or videos, created from scratch, or adapted from existing assets.

Using social media listening, monitoring and analytics, Straight can also explore what your competitors are doing in Hong Kong, in China or overseas, while assessing the effectiveness of your content and unearth new insights to refine your strategy. You don’t want your content retweeted by bots while your competitors attract the attention of valuable micro-influencers!

Discuss with Straight today to boost the overall performance of your social media strategy.


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