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Fluff doesn’t sell. Nor does hot air. Especially not in our content-rich digital age. Good brochure and leaflet writing should be informative and engaging; it needs to be persuasive right from the start – not at page two. And hard-sale rarely convinces; the angle shouldn’t centre on the products or services themselves, but rather their benefits, i.e. what your readers will get out of them.

From a print ad for a luxury car to a corporate brochure for a family office, Straight can help you strategize content with a strong hook, spot-on cover headlines, and a well-structured message focusing on your USPs. We’ll help you decide where to insert brand-strengthening messages, the appropriate spots for easy-to-scan bullets, the best places for sub-heads, call-outs or testimonials to help you sustain reader’s interest and attention. And let’s not forget the deal-closing call-to-actions at the end for successful sale conversion.

As for ads and posters, whether on print, TV or the MTR, brevity and creativity is the soul of this writing craft. Straight loves the challenge and satisfaction that comes with creating impacts with very few words. There’s no better fun, whether in Chinese, or English. 


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