Straight – but not Linear.

Linear – but not Constant.

Constant – but not Straight.

Why Straight?

Content runs in our DNA

Founded in Hong Kong in 2008, Straight has been a storyteller for more than a decade. Print or digital, web or video, we believe great content marketing starts with great words, and great stories trump clever tactics.  We’re not just saying it; we teach and preach it.

Beyond content, we help you “grow”

Beyond telling a good story, we leverage audience insights and data to optimise your social and content marketing programmes, which we build and test to help you find new leads, drive sales and propel growth.

A background in finance and media

With roots spanning Fortune 50 media companies to large finance services institutions and private equity firms covering a range of industries, Straight’s content marketing skills are supplemented by deep and diversified knowledge as well as deep insights of the media world.

We’re a bilingual content expert

Few agencies excel in bilingual content like we do. Working in Chinese or in English, we go above and beyond our duty to help businesses find the right voice. Averse to corporate jargons and marketing clichés, we excel in translating and transcreating complex source materials into succinct and compelling content.

We’re transparent and affordable

It can be hard to keep up with a constantly evolving content marketing landscape. But we’ll help you demystify all that’s involved – from process to pricing. Our mission is to be as transparent as possible, with no hidden costs. Running under a lean business model also means we can transfer our cost-savings to yours.

We care about your business and ventures

This isn’t just some hyperbole. We’re curious, entrepreneurial and empathetic. Meet us, and you’ll know it’s who we are. We love digging into the essence of who you are, the finer points of what you do and stepping inside the shoes of your audience. We’re turned on by your growth.

We have been working with Straight for over two years and are pleased to recommend them for assignments. Our business requires agility, flexibility and efficiency, as we must always meet demanding deadlines. Straight always managed to turn-around work quickly.

Francis Kor, Head of Business, Asia Pacific, New York Times

Stop winging it. Start marketing your business the way it deserves.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reported that 91% of B2B brands use content marketing as compared with 86% of B2C brands.

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But not linear.

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