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From traditional commercials in the 60s to today’s YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook Live, videos has not only proven to be a staple of our lives but an absolute must-have content marketing engine.

Human are hardwired for stories, so is Straight. As scriptwriters, filmmakers, designers, researchers and empathetic, stories-obsessed video junkies, our mission is to make motion stories that leads to better trust and understanding. Simply put, Straight makes video to create clarity.

We serve brands, we serve marketers, and we serve thought leaders. We can make explainer videos optimized for SEO, social videos adjusted to match your branding, corporate history videos that tells your story, case study videos that captures your capabilities, as well as thought leadership videos that offers easy-to-digest snapshots of in-depth insights.

Beyond producing videos to briefs, Straight can also help our clients create a holistic video strategy that starts with setting clear goals, to analysing audience and search intent, to production, search engine optimisation through to performance analysis.


A local firm specialised in automotive technology best known for its Apollo IE supercar, Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) retained us to produce a video to support its IPO. In addition to containing clips provided by the company, the video featured interviews with AFMG’s senior executives, including some directed remotely with the support of one of our China-based production partners.

Production highlights

Delivered within 2 weeks –including remote interview – from post-production processing to first cut.


A local answer to Shopify, e-commerce platform Boutir helps businesses drive sales, enhance engagement and nurture relationships. Referencing martial arts to showcase Boutir’s ability to solve problems, we produced a colourful, funny and fast-paced flick, referencing classical kung-fu movies to showcase “Palm Stop”, the company’s one-stop e-commerce management and secured payment platform.

Production highlights

Filmed in a day by an 20-person production team


LinkSoul develops cutting-edge real estate AI solutions, ranging from intelligent equipment managing smart buildings to systems that drive retail sales. Using cyber-like futuristic visuals and animation, we opted for a “day-in-the-life” narrative to showcase how LinkSoul’s products can enhance the daily working life of young professionals.

Production highlights
Filmed in a day by a 5-person production team, the video was delivered in 3 weeks, from post-production processing to first cut. 


From controlling access to buildings to managing utilities, Softhard uses cutting-edge IOT technology to help manage properties. Tasked with producing a video that could be used both on the company’s landing page and in corporate presentations, Straight blended tailor-made animated infographics with interviews to deliver an entertainingly informative video that is effective across platforms.

Production highlights

Talking Heads was filmed by 2-person Production Team in 4 Hours, taking 4 weeks to First Cut for the entire video

Van Gogh Senses

An upscale Italian concept restaurant located in Heritage 1881, The Van Gogh Senses celebrates the life and work of Van Gogh. Asked to introduce the restaurant to potential customers, we cooked up a slow-motion, hyper-referential video featuring magnified presentations of the restaurant’s enticing dishes as our award-winning cinematographer’s food styling and cinematography perfectly captured the dishes intricacies.

Production details

Filmed in a day by an 8-person production team under the direction of an outside award-winning cinematographer


Serving customers from 20 locations across Hong Kong, Crostini is committed to delivering an authentic European lifestyle experience. Its cozy coffee shops, elegant florist and innovative fashion line have been delighting Hong Kongers since opening a decade ago. Asked to convey the company’s brand, we produced two micro-movies that told Crostini’s story while designing a quiz to entice people to compete for prizes and visit Crostini’s stores.

Production highlights

Filmed in 9 hours by an 8-person production team.




The Jockey Club Design Institute of Social Innovation (JCDISI) explores how design thinking and innovation can help solve social problems. Using storytelling techniques to weave clips from JCDISI and interviews by our team, we crafted a cohesive visual testimony showcasing some of JCDISI’s accomplishments.

Production highlights
Our 3-person production team filmed 6 interviews in 4 hours and delivered the entire project within a month.

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I was particularly impressed by the firm’s ability to seamlessly deliver anything from expert pieces on topics like private equity and factor-based investing to creative assets like banner ads for Bloomberg’s charitable events. I command both their professionalism and versatility and am pleased to recommend their services.
J. Wong, Bloomberg


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