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Content audit performed periodically can deliver new insights about your content strategy while ensuring your digital assets remain relevant. Businesses constantly post new content, but often neglect old pieces. Months or years later, what was once a prescient article about the state of the industry, news in Hong Kong, or trends in China, might have become embarrassingly outdated or utterly irrelevant.

Auditing contents means looking at the content on your website to evaluate its merits and assess its relevance. What’s The goal? To identify what has worked by measuring which pieces of content performed the best, what topics your audience tend to focus on and which content should be removed.

Straight can perform a comprehensive content audit that will help identify weak spots in your SEOs and measure how your keywords, word counts and optimized images relate to your page rankings and what changes are needed to drive better search results. We will also look at visit metrics, and social shares to see what sort of content makes your audience tick. We will then help you get rid of content that’s not performing, locate gaps across the sales funnel, generate ideas for content that works and help you climb in search results.


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