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Brand storytelling makes all the difference  

Straight lives for stories. Great stories appeal to the deepest emotions and convert people to take action. They are the favourite tool we use to give your brand a soul and a personality, to help you cultivate trust, build authority and cement new memories.


Brand story VS brand storytelling  

Brand story is what it sounds like – the narrative of your brand. From the birth of a  company to the reason it exists and where it wants to go in the future, a brand story weaves a bunch of facts together, but it is brand storytelling that brings it to live! By sharing anecdotes, adding plots, injecting actions, adding humour and personifying objects, Straight knows what to do to enliven content.


Some samples of brand storytelling  

Consider this – an opening line for a multinational conglomerate: “Somewhere in China, India, and other parts of the world, AEG is sourcing top quality fabrics to fulfil a customer’s order; their imagineers are putting final touches to some 3D product sketches…” And this — an email heading for from an online travel magazine: “Take me on vacation with you, said the luggage.”


Storytelling makes people remember   

Dear brand, tell me a story. See the above storytelling devices: they work, right? People are inherently more interested in reading something that gives them a visual, that grabs the imagination. Good storytelling engages audience emotion via multiple sensorial dimensions – generating memory as it turns audience into participants.

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Stop winging it. Start marketing your business the way it deserves.

Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) reported that digital channels now influence 92% of B2B buying decions.

I was particularly impressed by the firm’s ability to seamlessly deliver anything from expert pieces on topics like private equity and factor-based investing to creative assets like banner ads for Bloomberg’s charitable events. I command both their professionalism and versatility and am pleased to recommend their services.

J. Wong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, International Marketing, Bloomberg LP


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