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Content marketing is here to stay

Content marketing is about creating deeper connections. It’s not just about putting fancy words together. It’s about you being fresh, being interesting, informative innovative – a thought leader. Your voice is your brand. Make your audience trust and stay loyal to you through great words, insights and thoughts.


Different types of content we produce

Blogs. White papers. Case studies. Social media posts. Emails. E-books. Explainer videos. Webinars. Typed, filmed or recorded, the list goes on. But whatever content we create for you – from the title of an article to the last CTA of a video – we’re focused on capturing attention, and making the reading and listening experience as easy as possible throughout the content marketing journey.


Generating leads through content marketing

Great content is not just engaging and original, it’s searchable, shareable and linkable. Beyond coming up with professional and creative copies and videos that are hard to ignore, we can help you generate leads with an effective SEO strategy. Great content marketing helps you build domain and page authority, which in turn improves your site and pages ranking.


How else we can help you grow via content

We don’t just stop at improving content experience or doubling down on SEO. Here are the other trendy things Straight can help you do via strategic content marketing:

  • Access strength and weakness via proper content auditing
  • Personalise content to match audience personas
  • Repurpose content across multiple channels
  • Go live with video and webinars
  • Test, evaluate and analyse your content performance


Straight’s approach to Content Marketing

We Get to Know You: we’ll take a systematic approach to understand the background of your business, the aims and objectives of your project.

We Do Tons of Research: we infiltrate your target market and pinpoint what they want from you and your services. We also carry out competitive analysis, content audit, search trends if needed and a lot of benchmarking.

We Build a Strategy: Based on the client’s objectives and research findings, we’ll work out a strategy that covers creative concepts, editorial strategy, customer journey, distribution channels and measurement.

We Create and Produce: Leveraging the combined content marketing prowess of our digital designers and copywriters, SEO analysts, video and social media gurus, we’ll be pushing boundaries with the highest-quality content to get the results you want.

We Tell You if It’s Working: We’ll investigate if the strategy and content are bringing inbound traffic, and if engagement with target audience has achieved the set KPI, and refine to make improvements whenever necessary.


I was particularly impressed by the firm’s ability to seamlessly deliver anything from expert pieces on topics like private equity and factor-based investing to creative assets like banner ads for Bloomberg’s charitable events. I command both their professionalism and versatility and am pleased to recommend their services.

J. Wong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, International Marketing, Bloomberg LP


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