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Conversions don’t just happen. They require a significant time investment in studying how users perform on your site, and in making changes to your content to improve this performance.

The first trick is: you must know what the data is saying. Straight partner with you to ensure the measurement and analysis we present to you will provide clarity, not noise. In our easy-to-read reports, we’ll define key performance metrics, outline an approach to capturing and visualizing your data, and ensure you’re asking the right questions about your website – and your customers’ behaviour on it – that will lead you to making smarter business decisions. The second trick: we have to run rigorous testing to ensure these content changes are indeed enhancing performances. Experimentation makes perfect. Through effective AB testings and scrupulous web analytics, Straight can help you understand if the new copy on your PPC ad, the photography you use onsite, or all the CTAs of your landing pages, are reaching the highest possible KPIs.

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