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Straight is an expert in editing, proofreading, polishing and rewriting English and Chinese content. Beyond polishing and proofreading, our clients have consistently come to us to seek help in rewriting content to make it more readable, and approachable for a wider spectrum of readers. This means de-jargonizing copies, streamlining sentences and replacing longer vocabs with shorter, easier-to-understand words. Below is how our agency classify our editing services:

Light editing or Proofreading concentrates on correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and incorrect usage; ensuring consistency of cross-references, spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization; and checking the sequencing of lists and references to figures and tables.

Medium editing or polishing adds to light editing by changing text and headings to achieve parallel structure, identifying inappropriate figures of speech, ensuring key terms are used consistently and changing passive voice to active voice if needed.

Heavy editing or rewriting goes further to eliminate wordiness, correct sentences to improve readability, enhance the overall logical structure of the copy and suggest additions and deletions.

Whether you need to add a few finishing touches to your press release or want to improve an important paper, our hk agency can work with you to correct, revise or rewrite your copy.


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