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Few people are interested in reading about the computer industry, yet many would buy a book about how two college kids became billionaires by building PCs in their dorms. Even if you are not running Apple, you’ll be surprised how your achievements can transcend into a compelling story about the zeitgeist of an era, the birth of an industry or the transformation of a society.

Empathetic and highly skilled in long-form storytelling, Straight has solid experience crafting features and stories for newspapers, memoirs for families in Hong Kong as well as books on company histories and philosophies. Delving into the past to meticulously retrieve facts, events and date, our objective is to progressively interweave seemingly unrelated incidents into a coherent tale that arouses emotion and captures the imagination.

Work with Straight to explore your past, work on an overarching theme and transform your personal experiences into universal stories about some of the struggles we all share.

And we can turn your story into a video. Look up our video service here.


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