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Straight has always dealt in words. Words in English and words in Chinese. Bridging their differences flawlessly and effortlessly takes an agency that’s genuinely “bi-lingual” and “bi-cultural” in its very DNA. We are that agency.

To keep your voice authentic in both Chinese and English, a proper translation – or transcreation -must entail non-linear adaptation and rigorous rounds of editing. A haughty phrase in Mandarin can sound patronizing in English, just as a witty headline in Taiwanese may be a real turn-off in Cantonese. For a translation to read well and a localisation project to truly succeed, it’s necessary to make creative adjustments that reflect all the subtle geographic variations, linguistic oddities and cultural nuances of a language.

That’s why top-notch translations are the product of the combined talents of translators, writers and editors. Here at our Hong Kong-based agency Straight, all our writers are gifted bi-linguists and multi-linguists in their own right and many are published writers, experienced journalists and trained communications specialists.

Do we work in other languages too?

Yes, we do have inhouse French and Japanese capabilities. For other languages, try us to see if we can give it a shot.

Finance Translation

From bluechips such as Bloomberg and S&P, to asset management firms and  fintech start-ups, Straight has helped numerous finance businesses developed on-brand, trust-building bilingual content.

Insurance Translation

Straight has built a rich portfolio of insurance work in the last five or so years, covering all sorts of copywriting and translation work for website, brochures, leaflets, videos, to case studies and awards pitches for both B2C and B2B insurance companies.

Corporate & Start-Ups Translation

As a trusted corporate translation partner for many firms across a wide range of industries, Straight can aptly adapt every linguistic, cultural and corporate nuances to ensure materials don’t get lost in translation. 

Tech & Innovation Translation

As a trusted content partner for several global data companies and local I&T institutions including Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation and Hong Kong Cyberport, we regularly provides bilingual content copywriting and translation services to local tech start-ups. 

NGO Translation

Straight has accumulated strong domain expertise in NGO communications and has been a contracted bilingual direct marketing partner for UNHCR (United Nation’s Refugee Agency) since 2017. We are proud and passionate about raising money for NGOs and serving the less fortunate here in Hong Kong and the world.

Education Translation

From high-brow research projects to lively student-facing promotional materials, Straight has worked with a lot of international schools and almost every major teritary instituitions in Hong Kong. From a full-scale bilingual website content revamp for medical school to summarising research papers in two languages, our expertise in education translation is second to none. 

Art & Culture Translation

With half our team originating from a background  in media and journalism, Straight is well versed in arts & culture matters and have worked on numerous arts programming and copywriting and translation projects for various number of art galleries and public institutions in Hong Kong over the last decade.  

Hotels & Properties Translation

Our combined writing expertise on luxury, interiors, architecture, design and cultural matters, as well as our exceptional bilingual abilities, are reasons why our clients trust us with their hotel, residential and commercial real estate projects.
We have been working with Straight for over two years and are pleased to recommend them for assignments. Our business requires agility, flexibility and efficiency, as we must always meet demanding deadlines. Straight always managed to turn-around work quickly.
Francis Kor, Head of Business, Asia Pacific, New York Times


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